63RD ST came about spontaneously from our colorful journey with shoephoric. Unboxed from our passion for shoes came the discovery of other categories that are tied in with our source of obsession. From streetwear, to music, to art- it comes from the realization that inspiration is everyhere and this is our curation of a rich local culture that deserves to be seen and heard.
Lifted from the Philippine area code, 63RD ST aims to share various stories that relate to local street culture. You are the reason why we exist. Wed like to focus the spotlight on the creative, the hungry and the relentless. Its that infectious vibe that propelled us to create this avenue.
63RD ST believes in the power of good old word of mouth and organic buzz. We dream of this page as a source. A venue where creativity is king. You can call it our avenue for other cool things we love and live by. Enjoy your stay.