LIOP comes from a very special place, created from the heart. It's the answer to your daily happiness, lovingly designed to cover each area in your life's playground that's very dear to you - Social, Physical, Learning, Lifestyle and Spiritual. LIOP enables you to live a life of balance while enjoying more of what it has in store for you.
The LIOP Playbook
LIOP Playbook is your key to love and balance. It helps you grow in all areas of your life - physical,social, spiritual, learning & lifestyle. Stay focused & inspired!
The LIOP Starter
Enjoy a fresh deck of inspiration for FREE and choose a deck that fits you. Create and share your very own quotes... LIOP style!
Your new playbook designed for each quarter of the year. It is an effective blueprint to help you create and focus on your goals and make them come true one step at a time. Each Quartr milestone you achieve will inspire you to dream bigger, do more and ultimately live the life you most desire.
LIOP Goodies
Our LIOP Goodies are designed from the heart. Lovingly made from a pool of daily bubbling ideas. Each designed piece comes with a colorful story and purpose, assembled and curated just for you.

Live in Love and Balance.